Payroll and HR Management Software HRIS Human Resource Management Information System Nimble HRIS is fully integrated with any attendance device
HRIS Human Resource Management Information System. It has developed by Nimble Infosys after researching in the field for 5 years.

Nimble HRIS Partnership Program

As the Nimble HRIS has developed with colaboration between different partners from various IT fields and HR experts; we have a powerful integrated platform and reseller base, and increasingly develop our products through collaborative partnership. We welcome approaches from potential partners with ideas either for a whole product that could integrate with our existing product, or else individual features that could expand or enhance that product.

For the benefit of both the parties working together, we provide opportunity for individual or company interested in promoting Nimble HRIS. In general, if you think you may be able to add great new features to our existing product range, then we welcome your proposal. More specifically, we are currently developing in a number of key areas, and are actively seeking new partners in several fields.

See below for some of our current partnership programs offers:

  • Co-Marketing

    Market our/your product(s) jointly with your/our brands to your/our customers.

  • Co-Branding

    Create and launch a unique product with another brand for jointly marketing with partners.

  • Private Labeling / Reseller Partners

    We Offer our product to partners to sell to their customers under their brand name. We never come between you and your customer.

  • Referral Partner

    You can refer clients to us and our trained and professional staffs will carry out necessary tasks required in sale of product. You will be entitled defined commission for each referral.

Our partnership Program involves:
  • Provide adequate brochures, catalogues and pamphlets
  • Contribute in promotion through advertisement in local newspaper
  • Promote partner through various media: Website, facebook, newspaper ad etc.
  • Promote partner through other social media focusing on partner’s area
  • Free website design depicting partner’s profile and products.