Payroll and HR Management Software HRIS Human Resource Management Information System Nimble HRIS is fully integrated with any attendance device
HRIS Human Resource Management Information System. It has developed by Nimble Infosys after researching in the field for 5 years.

Nimble Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management System which deals with Complete automation of Inventory Management of corporate organization such as stock in hand, value of stock, inter branch stock transfer, branch wise department wise inventory stock status, stock request, recommendation and approval mechanism, purchase order request, recommendation and approval mechanism, purchase history, request and issue history, request frequency of each item from each branch and department, different cost center reports based on items, branch, departments, etc. and it is customized with the requirements and working culture of any organization.

Some Feature Highlights of Nimble Inventory

Master Setup

  • Item Group
  • Item Master
  • Store Setup
  • Vender List
  • Minimum Stock Limit Setup
  • Store wise User and Supervisor Setup

Item Request Management

  • Item Request from Employee for Issue
  • Item Request from Store for Stock Transfer
  • Recommend Item Request by Store Supervisor
  • Review Item Request by Target Store User and allow adding recommended Item Qty.
  • Approve Item Request by Target Store Supervisor
  • Seperate Approved Request List to Issue Item from Store

Item Issue Management

  • Issue Requested Item by Target Store User to Requested Store
  • Receipt Issued Item by Target Store by Requested Store
  • Indicate Items in Transit
  • Approval Issue Items by Store Supervisor
  • Completed Issue and Pending Issues Reports

Transaction Module

  • Manage Store wise Opening Balance
  • Manage Purchase Order with Due date for delivery.
  • Manage Purchase Records


  1. Consolidate Stock Report for Whole Organization
  2. Store Wise Stock Report
  3. Consolidate Item Rate Wise Stock Report
  4. Store Wise Item Rate Wise Stock Report
  5. Period Wise Item Issue Summary
  6. Period Wise Item Issue Details
  7. Item Ledger Summary Report
  8. Item Ledger Detail Report
  9. Items Below Stock Alert
  10. Period Wise Receipt Summary
  11. Period Wise Receipt Detail
  12. Item Request vs Issue Report
  13. Item Request vs Receipt Report
  14. Item Request vs Stock In Hand Report
  15. Stock in Transit Report
  16. Exceptional Stock Reports
  17. Other Reports as on Demand

Other Features

  • Multi User, Multi Location System
  • Maker and Checker System
  • Can manage independent store for each branch in single software
  • Centralize Inventory system.
  • Complete Web based system.